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Why pay more than you need to for car insurance?

To buy cheap car insurance you have to take both a short-term and long-term view. In the short term you want to find the cheapest possible policy which is available now; in the long-term you need to make sure that you qualify for the lowest possible premiums.

Finding cheaper insurance now.

The conventional answer is to shop using a price comparison website. The problem is that the majority of these are actually owned by insurance companies who are hardly likely to want to push you towards one of their competitors so whether or not their recommendations are completely impartial is something to decide for yourself; we could not possibly comment. There are independent comparison sites available however, such as the one that we link to above, and it is possible that you would get a much more unbiased quote here.

Searching early

Many insurance companies have short-term discounts but they do not advertise these in advance and they very rarely let you know when they will expire. This means that if you spot one and you want to take advantage of it you need to act quickly. Unfortunately the majority of insurance companies will only allow you to reserve a policy for a maximum of one month which means that there is little point in starting a search for quotations more than a month before your current policy ends.

Finding the cheapest policies long-term

Every insurance company calculates premiums based on the risk that the applicant presents. Fair enough, you can do very little about your job, age, postcode etc. You can however decide to get a car in the lowest possible insurance group, keep a clean driving licence and avoid making claims as much as possible. This is particularly important if you are a young driver with a standard premium in four figures because a claim could add many hundreds or even thousands of pounds to future premiums so sometimes it might be wiser to grin and bear it and pay up yourself if you are involved in an accident which is your own fault and which will not cost too much.

Avoiding pitfalls

Do bear in mind the cheapest companies are cheap for a reason. Often they are based abroad which could mean difficulties in settling a claim, and some of them can be contacted over the Internet only which can mean even discussing a claim in the first place may be a very traumatic experience. If you are tempted to buy a policy from a company you have never heard of, whether it is based abroad or not, it is always advisable to look for online reviews; there are usually quite a lot of these available for even the most obscure insurers and they can be very enlightening to say the least.

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